Dishonest music.

December 25, 2006

Why does everything have to be corrupted by money now-a-days? It has spread its filthy wings and touched so many areas of our lives in such a sneaky way that the majority of us don’t even realise it’s there. Even music, one of my greatest passions, has to be spoiled by greedy people.

Of course not all music is corrupt. There are still musicians out there who really believe in their work, devote their lives to it, put their heart and soul into it. Music is an art: a clever combination of sounds and sometimes lyrics that aim to strike a chord (no pun intended) deep within you, inducing goosebumps in places you didn’t even know you could get them. It takes so much work to do a ‘perfect’ performance, one where the artist is completely satisfied with the result.

I’m a musician myself – piano and clarinet – although sadly I haven’t performed in a few years (something that I aim at correcting ASAP). It’s such an amazing feeling when you go on stage, give a performance your all, and know that you couldn’t have done it any better. The applause thunders around you. People rise to their feet. It’s addictive stuff.

Now, however, so many mainstream singers in particular just ruin what it is that music is all about. They prance around on stage, lipsyncing to playback. Again, of course not all musicians do this, but you’d be shocked by how many do. And if they actually try to sing while dancing like mad on stage, it sounds like shit.

How can you dance and sing at the same time? There is no way you can get proper breath support to have good tone quality while hyperventilating from exercise! And with all that moving around, it’s impossible to have good posture which is also essential to good tone quality.

So it’s playback and lipsyncing. These people don’t deserve to be called artists. Entertainers, yes. They’re damn good at shaking their asses on stage, but they’re not musicians. Not by a long shot. Why don’t they just admit that they can’t sing outside of a studio and instead just dance? Why the lies?

Back to my original point: music has been corrupted. People need a quick fix of money, so what do they do? Release an album. Paris Hilton has done it. Bruce Willis has done it. Even Hulk Hogan has done it!! Check out There are samples available if you dare.

The thing that saddens me most is how the majority of young folk today just buy into it. Either the artist is hot or rich or famous, so they instantly become a huge success when they don’t necessarily deserve it. True musicians who work their entire lives to reach a certain degree of skill are left in the background.

Personally, I don’t support these ‘artists’ as they call themselves. If they’ve come with some good tunes, I’ll download them for free – they have plenty of money anyway and I don’t think they deserve mine. I do, however, try to buy albums of all my favourite artists: true musicians. Ones who don’t give a rat’s ass about making millions or making music that the public will like and hence buy. Instead, they are true to themselves and their passion, and they play from the heart.


4 Responses to “Dishonest music.”

  1. B Says:

    I thought trackbacks normally did this automatically, but hey. Give your admin dashboard a check in any case, see if it’s done anything. Anyway, I’ve written some of my thoughts on the current state of music in a slightly different vein to what you’ve written here.

    Also, I need to come up with a proper nom de plume. Neither ‘fedoraman’ nor ‘B’ quite fit.

  2. Andrew Says:

    You’ve summed it up. In short, the music industry is absoludicrous (I’ll buy you a drink if you get the reference).

    Potential revenue > talent, where the industry moguls are concerned.

    Mainstream music and radio is utterly depressing these days. I steer clear and, like you download what I want, buying a copy if I really like it.

    Departure in T-4 hours. If you read this before then, please could you phone my house, say you’re in labour with my child and I have to get there straight away?

  3. B Says:

    I pity the fool that doesn’t get that reference!

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